Each of the chapters receives leadership and guidance from deans, members of the chapter charged with responsibility for tending to the life of the chapters. The deans from the various Nebraska chapters coordinate their work.

The Rule of Benedict: On the Deans of the Monastery

If the community is a large one,
let there be chosen out of it
brethren of good repute and holy life,
and let them be appointed deans.
These shall take charge of their deaneries in all things,
observing the commandments of God
and the instructions of their Abbot.
Let men of such character be chosen deans
that the Abbot may with confidence
share his burdens among them.
Let them be chosen not by rank
but according to their worthiness of life
and the wisdom of their doctrine.
If any of these deans should become inflated with pride
and found deserving of censure,
let him be corrected once, and again, and a third time.
If he will not amend,
then let him be deposed
and another be put in his place who is worthy of it (RB 21, Saint Benedict’s Rule for Monasteries, translated from the Latin by Leonard J. Doyle, OblSB, of Saint John’s Abbey, copyright 2001, by the Order of Saint Benedict, Collegeville, Minn.).

Chapter Deans

Hastings Chapter