Chapter Meetings

General Notes

The Steinauer Chapter meets the last Monday of the month from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. in the Banquet Room of Convent House Bed and Breakfast across from St. Anthony’s Church, Steinauer.

Refreshments will be provided at each meeting by the two Oblates who are responsible for the reflection and prayer.

The Steinauer Chapter does not have a cell.

The dean of the chapter is Marcia Borcher.

You are always welcome to bring a guest, such as a spouse, relative or friend to the sessions.

The readings for 2017–2019 come from Seven Sacred Pauses: Living Mindfully Through the Hours of the Day, Macrina Weiderkuhr OSB, 2008.

Using scripture, poetry, reflections, personal stories, and quotes from a rich array of spiritual teachers for many religions, Wiederkehr helps readers become more attuned to living in the present moment and develop a kindred spirit with the rich tradition of the sacred hours. Seven Sacred Pauses is a wonderful gift to those who seek to find balance in their busy days and to bring the practice of the Divine Hours home to their own hearts.

Each chapter includes a series of chants which are at the back of the book; see assignments for page numbers. The chants accompany a CD recording of these chants, available separately.

Schedule for 2017–2018

  • September: Foreword and Living Mindfully
  • October: Chapter 1: The Night Watch; chants, p. 182–183
  • November: Oblation Ceremony, no readings or discussion
  • December: Chapter 2: The Awakening Hour; chants, p. 183–185
  • January: Chapter 3: The Blessing Hour; chants, p. 185–186
  • February: Chapter 4: The Hour of Illumination; chants, p. 187–188
  • March: Chapter 5: The Wisdom Hour; chants, p. 188–189
  • April: Chapter 6: The Twilight Hour; chants, p. 190–191
  • May: Chapter 7: The Great Silence; chants, p. 192–193, and Litany of the Hours, p. 177–179.

Ut in Omnibus Glorificetur Deus
“All for the honor and glory of God!”

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